Conservation Tips

Ten Ways to Avoid Water Waste

  • Do not over-water plants and lawns... Avoid Water Runoff into sreets and gutters.

  • For best results, try morning watering as evaporation loss is at a minimum

  • Avoid washing down paved areas...When washing the car...Use a bucket of water; use the hose only to rinse

  •  Repair faucet leaks...As much as 15 gallons of water can be lost each day with a slow drip. 

  • Avoid toilet water waste...Do not use toilet as a trash disposal.

  • Don't fall asleep in the shower...An extra five minutes in the shower could mean another 50 gallons down the drain. Use a moderate stream. 

  • The automatic dishwasher – use it wisely...Half loads cheat you out of full water use. 

  • Watch those laundry loads, too...Some 50 gallons of water are used to wash a load of clothes. Make every load count. 

  • Avoid the running faucet...Don't run water continuously while shaving, brushing teeth, peeling vegetables, or washing dishes.

Conservation - Hands in Water

Hands in Water